What is tarot?

Discover what is and what is not the tarot, what or who is a tarot player and what are the instruments on which the tarot is based.

I explain everything in a simple way because there are many concepts about this wonderful tools that may be false, many pointing to the tarot in the direction of the divinatory arts and not in its real facet, the interpretative where reflection and light can help us visualize possible paths. Know what the tarot really is.

At the other extreme, we find some who give the tarot the power of hidden forces, negative energies also uncertain and wrong, the tarot is not an instrument of modification of the future or the actions that lead to it, much less those considered evil is only interpretation. Discover what it is not the tarot.

A tarot player is the one who interprets the tarot cards, and as such can become a guide, I will try to show you the formulas to recognize a good tarot player from among those who are not in what is a tarotist