Tarot card by card

Major Arcana List of Tarot Card Meanings

A total of 22 card contains The Major Arcana that tell about the humanity spiritual evollution.

Each tarot card has two readings, generally these are one positive and one negative, can be even opposite meanings although this may depend more on the question in question and the rest of the cards.

Sometimes the position of the card in the spreads is given an interpretation as normal or inverted because of how they have fallen on the table, although this is not the most usual practice, but the reading in one or the other direction of both meanings is done according to the set of cards that compose the spread.

Nevertheless, in our definition of the meaning of the cards we are going to give you a first generic meaning that can include both interpretations and then the separate interpretations in both directions.

The Fool

Means new beginnings, a growing optimism, a real trust in your life

Upright reading Symbol of innocence and a free spirit, harbinger of a new beginning

Reversed reading Recklessness, exploitation, disregard

The Magician

Announces more action, the power to manifest to the others

Upright reading The will, the desire, the creation, the manifestation

Reversed reading Deceptions, illusions, unreality    

The High Priestess

Lost of activity, start of an inaction period, maybe you’re going within your mystical side

Upright reading Intuition, an inner voice, the unconscious

Reversed: Lack of balance, loss of inner guidance, repressed feelings       

The Empress

A lot of abundance, nurturing, if you think in childs, means fertility

Upright reading Nature, fertility, future motherhood, 

Reversed reading Dependence, suffocation, emptiness, meddling        

The Emperor

A period of strong stability maybe starting, with his rules

Upright reading Authority, structure and control, future parenthood

Reversed reading Tyranny, inflexibility, coldness       

The Hierophant

The tradition and his rules maybe determinate your society behaviour

Upright reading Conformity with tradition, morality and ethics

Reversed reading A new approach that may indicate rebellion     

The Lovers

New and incredible passion and sexuality

Upright reading  A new relation or the strengthening of an existing one is announced  

Reversed reading Loss of balance, disharmony and unilateral decisions      

The Chariot

You will move in the right direction in making a decision, it will become a clear progress or a better integration in your social framework

Upright reading Willpower, decisive direction and control of the situation 

Reversed reading Lack of control, lack of direction, out-of-control aggressiveness


Courage and courage will play a very important role in your future.

Upright reading Great inner strength, concentration, courage and compassion

Reversed reading The weakness of the insecure, the constant doubt     

The Hermit

Moments of meditation, solitude and awareness of reality and your purposes

Upright reading The search for truth, inner guidance, contemplation

Reversed reading The loneliness and isolation, the loss of the way         

Wheel of Fortune 

You start a cycle of changes that can be both positive and negative.

Upright reading A time of change, new cycles, an inevitable destiny

Reversed reading Loss of control or excessive control with bad luck       


A time of justice, balance and equity begins

Upright reading Cause and effect, clarity and truth

Reversed reading Clear dishonesty and lack of responsibility and justice       

The Hanged Man

It can be both a new approach and a surrender

Upright reading Sacrifice, martyrdom and liberation

Reversed reading Stagnation, fear of sacrifice or unnecessary sacrifice 


The end of something, not life, of something, a time of change

Upright reading The end of a cycle, a new beginning or era changes

Reversed reading A stagnation and the beginning of the decline due to the fear of change       


Balance and moderation can be allies of someone who may be especially sensitive

Upright reading The middle way, the patience to find the meaning

Reversed reading Excess, extremism and lack of balance      

The Devil

A self-destructive pattern, an addiction that will throw you off the path to power.

Upright reading Addictions, gambling, materialism

Reversed reading The restoration of self-control, the release of something or someone     

The Tower

Collapse of the consolidated structures and reach a possible liberation from what binds you.

Upright reading Unexpected upset, wounded pride, disaster

Reversed reading Disaster has been averted or delayed, there is fear of suffering

The Star

Hope, peace of mind and a good person can cross your path soon.

Upright reading Hope, rejuvenation, rebirth

Reversed reading Lack of faith, insecurity and discouragement      

The Moon

The world of the subconscious, dreams full of mystery can take over your thoughts

Upright reading Unconsciousness, illusions and intuition

Reversed reading Misunderstandings, fear and confusion 

The Sun

Success and the arrival of happiness, everything will be fine    

Upright reading Joy and celebration, success and positivism

Reversed reading Being negative, being depressed and sad       


An inner renaissance, a new beginning

Upright reading Reflective, calculating mind, the awakening

Reversed reading Lack of self-awareness, self-hatred, doubt       

The World

The completion of something you were pursuing, the achievement of the celebration of life

Upright reading The pleasure of the fulfillment of something, the completion of something, the harmonyReversed reading Something incomplete, unfinished