Tarot card deck BiancoNero

The BiancoNero Tarot

The BiancoNero Tarot, written as is, without spaces, which translated from Italian would be “the Black and White Tarot”, is based on the Raider-Waite Tarot, although it has slight differences, such as the use of a single ink on a white background.

In this tarot deck, the use of a pure white background stands out over the rest, where the black ink stands out drawing the different figures and major and minor arcana of the deck with a very detailed line.

All the illustrations of the Bianco Nero tarot are originally made in single color Indian ink and are inspired by ancient engravings.

Origin of the BiancoNero Tarot Deck

The BiancoNero Tarot portrait

This deck of cards designed by Italian artist Marco Proietto, is a tarot card deck based on the Raider tarot.

A tarot deck published by the company US Games Systems that is composed of a total of 78 cards with their corresponding illustrations.

Its illustrations are inspired by the already classic iconographies of the Visconti, Sola-Busca and Marsigliesi tarot decks. These representations in BiancoNero’s tarot derive from modern drawings made by hand with great skill by Marco Proietto.

Who is Marco Proietto?

Marco Proietto is an Italian-born illustrator based in Rome, a specialist in ink and single color illustration, and is known worldwide for the design of the BiancoNero tarot deck.

This phenomenal Italian artist has profiles on Instagram and Behance social networks from which you can follow his art.

Where to buy this BiancoNero deck?

This deck of tarot cards in various places, from specialized tarot sites such as Amazon and eBay.