Best tarot card decks

The tarot deck is composed of a total of 78 cards, of which 22 correspond to the major arcana and the rest, 56, to the minor arcana.

There are many different tarot decks. Each deck has its own aesthetic peculiarities but as a whole the concepts represented are the same.

This variety of decks causes the controversy about the existence of better and worse tarot card decks.

Let’s analyze which are the best, or most popular, tarot decks.

Differences between the different tarot card decks

There are many types of decks depending on the figures and representations of people that each tarot card shows and the style of the set, ranging from tarots with very old illustrations, to tarots that are based only on signs or even some very modern tarot with contemporary illustrations.

In the figures of the tarot cards appear many figures, as many as cards have the tarot, although some are repeated in the different cards, these may vary in content, not in concept, from one deck to another, for example there are decks where there are no naked figures, people without clothes, and others.

The most common tarot card decks

However, even though there is no better deck of tarot cards, there are some that are more common or more accepted tarot card decks than others and therefore have become the most popular decks.

These popular tarot decks become somehow the most universal and are usually those that contain a symbolism as close to the original tarot as possible.

Among these universal tarot decks are the Marseille Tarot, the Rider-Waite, popularly known as the Rider and the Crowley tarot deck.

Tarot Deck for beginners

There is some controversy as to whether beginners should use one type of tarot deck or another, from the point of view of a professional tarotist this may be irrelevant, But from the beginner’s own unique point of view this is not so, as the deck of cards chosen should present images clear enough to identify some figures from others at a glance, as some may appear to some extent and reading them in their inverted position could lead to error, and why not, if the loads present a name written with the name of the card, for example “The Fool”, then better than better.

Obviously everyone will have their own aesthetic tastes in terms of the shapes of the drawings and above all in terms of the colours, the more mystical people may like the tarots with dark cards, on black backgrounds or in intense navy blue, while the more naturalistic people may prefer much brighter colours, However, and although you can create a strong link with virtually any tarot, a tip I must give you is not to look for the stridency and that it is the reading and interpretation you do in each roll of cards that is the protagonist over the type of deck of tarot cards.

The best tarot card deck for you

The best deck of tarot cards for one person can be the worst deck of tarot cards for another person. It all depends on the relationship you establish with one or another deck.

The time of exploration and the experience you get with the deck of tarot cards that you finally choose to accompany you in your readings will make this deck of cards or that other deck the best deck of tarot cards for you.

It is important to know that tarot decks are not usually shared with other tarotist even among beginners, because it establishes a kind of energy and trust between you and your tarot that could be distorted if it literally falls into the hands of another tarotis.