Quick guide on how to read tarot

Our quick guide is for the most impatient who don’t want to spend another minute without being able to interpret a tarot deck, however my duty is to ask you to take the time to go deeper into different aspects of tarot.

You can deepen at your own pace as much as you need from this website.

Where to practice tarot reading?

You will need a private room, without noise and where the peace necessary for concentration reigns.

What elements do you need for a tarot card run?

The minimum elements needed to perform a tarot reading, in addition to the interpretative skills and knowing the meaning of each card, is a deck of tarot cards according to the type of tarot you are going to interpret.

What steps are needed prior to reading?

The formulation of the question to be answered by the tarot.

From that moment the tarot reader must shuffle the tarot cards while repeating the question asked.

After shuffling the consultant must make a cut in the deck.

The tarotist will now deploy the cards on the table and the consultant will choose a number of cards, for a quick roll with 3 or 4 will be enough.

Tarot Card Reading

Without turning them over yet, the player will begin to turn them over one by one and interpret their meaning.