Is a tarot card reading accurate?

Tarot is not a science, nor a mathematical model that can ensure high accuracy in their readings from a measurable point of view.

The accuracy of one or another tarot card reading, will be given by the experience and empathy that flows from the mind of the tarot consultant to the interpreter. Let’s say it’s a kind of magic, in the tarot card rolls is created a certain mysticism and power that only the one who believes and lives by them interprets them with sufficient precision and rigor.

The accuracy that a tarot reader can get with your readings making it a tarot card reader accurate in their predictions depends on a few key factors:

  • The willingness to interpret the cards
  • The experience, which will give you the years
  • The kind of questions you are asked

Predisposition, whether it is something we either have or do not have, serves to shorten and smooth the way for us in the process of becoming a great tarot card reader. However, if we do not have this predisposition to the reading you should not throw in the towel because the next point, the practice can replace it over the years and the runs.

The practice, consistency and rigor with which you perform your readings will determine step by step in an improvement in accuracy of predictions, and therefore the degree of tarot until you become a great master of tarot.

The type of questions we are asked is something that does not depend initially on us, because the questions are always asked by the person who wants to consult the tarot, but our hand is to accept or not, leading to more specific questions.

This redirecting must work to achieve a high degree of accuracy because it is not the same to try to answer a question of style:

How will my life go?

Since it is an excessively open question, what to try to answer with precision before something more concrete like

Will I do well with my current partner?

The more specific the questions are, the less variables the tarot cards can be interpreted with and therefore provide more accurate answers.

On the other hand, we must always keep in mind that predictions do not end in the answer, since any answer we get from the cards can lead to new stories.

Given the previous question, it could be that the interpretation shows cards as to give them a negative initial reading, but that nevertheless one of them can give a reading with a certain hope.

If we repeat the spread and the reading is similar, perhaps the tarot is not indicating that after that couple comes another one, a new one, which is better and which may be the definitive one. This is just an example of the cases that we will find in our readings, that is why it is so important to do the readings with an open mind.

If all the readings lead us to the same direction, perhaps the reading, far from being negative, can be preventive, that is to say, that for the good of the person he should open his eyes before his partner to realize the reality and make a decision accordingly. In other words, a negative reading can be a way out of something that is not working, be it in love, work or even health.

The questions do not have to seek a yes or a no, an end or a continuation, no, they could well be of the instructive type, such as

What can I do to have more friends?

In the print run, any reading will be positive for the person who is throwing the cards away, or at least it should be if he acts on them, to try to change them in his life. For example, someone who has no friends because he is distrustful, if the cards point that out to him, he already knows what to do to improve.

For this reason judging the accuracy or otherwise of the tarot predictions can even be meaningless. Its function, more than to predict, is to help and give confidence to the one who throws them in his life project from a positive perspective.