I could become a tarotist?

A tarotist is a professional tarot reader.

Then one of the first questions you should ask yourself before you start learning to read tarot cards, and something indispensable to become a true tarotist is what kind of main use you will give to the knowledge you acquire about tarot.

If you’re going to do from a business point of view, for the reading of tarot cards become a source of money in your home I would remove the idea of becoming a tarotist from your head.

Tarot is not just a learning and interpretation of tarot cards, no, that would be something tremendously technical and would not offer real results to the questions of people who throw away tarot cards.

Tarot is much more than technique, tarot and therefore the reading of a deck of tarot cards is much more like art than something that can be learned through mathematical formulas.

Intuition and especially empathy is what creates the magic in reading tarot cards. Without them the accuracy of your tarot card readings will be purely technical and therefore unwise so if your approach is purely business you would be a bad tarotist, with little accuracy in their predictions and ultimately would not be a real tarotist.

On the other hand if the answer to this question about the use you are going to give is tinged with words to help others, service to others, then, and only then will be ready to start as a tarot.